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The Elements

I lived in Portland, Oregon for several years before moving back to Texas. My partner and I traveled to the coast often, my first real memories spending a lot of time with the ocean. It became a special, comforting, and peaceful place for me, somewhere I associated with love, happiness and a mind at ease. I started working these shapes into my collages as an homage and symbol for a place that calmed my anxiety in many ways. Each one reminds me of the coast, the shapes above and below the water.

The Process

Each collage is created with love using hand painted and locally sourced paper, building a layered, textural and three dimensional final piece. Inspired by the Color Theme and photo selected, each collage feels dynamic and special, bringing the photo to life.

Handmade Collage

Digital Collage

Collage Kits

How does this all work?

Either way, you'll be getting a unique art piece created just for you, all you have to do is choose handmade (physical) or digital as the final product.

Choose your collage type

Choose from one of the example color themes with any additional notes or preferences specified – or pick Wild Card to let the artist choose!

Pick your
color theme

Submit your image(s) to begin the process. You'll be contacted as needed throughout and can expect finalization within 1-2 weeks (depending on order type.) 

Make it

Here are a few guidelines to help you on your photo selection journey:

When I started this project, I realized there were so many candid photos of my kids floating around on my phone or in “The Cloud” (wherever that is) that never had a place to live and be celebrated. Your photo does not have to be a professional family portrait or headshot! Did you take the perfect selfie? Did your kids steal your phone and take photos of each other? Did you find an old photo of your parents in an album and snap a quick photo? These are all options!

How do I choose my photo?


Photo should be at least 1.5MB (Don't know what that means? A typical Smart Phone photo should work).


Choose a photo shot in bright, natural light or with a good camera flash if taken at night or in low-light situations.


Make sure you can clearly make out all faces, dark and blurry photos won’t work.


Want a collage with multiple people but don’t have one photo you LOVE with everyone in it? Send individuals or groups of people and I’ll put them together in the collage! The beauty of this project is that photos can be combined and live together in harmony.


All photos will be converted to black and white for the final collage, make sure you aren’t choosing a photo solely based on colors you see.


Think about how the photo makes you feel, imagine the photos surrounded by shapes, colors and textures. Pick a photo that deserves to be celebrated!

What inspired you to start this project?

Using my hands and creating collages has been a form of personal therapy for me, something I want to share with everyone, hoping that others might be inspired to do the same. Anxiety and depression can be debilitating, often making it difficult to get through basic, everyday tasks. I hope to encourage others to push some of that energy into creating something meaningful for themselves and others. We're all in this together!

Byrdhouse is inspired by my love of mixed media, the joy of sharing that love with the world and creating space for everyone to feel empowered in their own creative journey.

How long does each collage take from start to delivery?

Each handmade collage takes about 14 days for completion and delivery, starting after the photo approval process. I paint or locally source all the paper, create and combine the collage by hand, then frame and prep for delivery.

Each digital collage takes about 7 days for completion and delivery, starting after the photo approval process. I pull collage shapes from my digital Parts Gallery, create and combine the collage digitally, then prep the file for delivery. Animated digital versions coming soon!

What type of paper do you use? What is your painting and selection process?

For all collages, I use a combination of hand painted mixed media paper and locally sourced paper. Hand painted papers are created by me in-studio keeping color themes in mind. No two painted papers will ever be the same, further adding to the uniqueness and individuality of each finished collage.

Where do you ship?

Currently shipping in the contiguous US. Coming May 15th, we will ship worldwide! Please allow additional time for handmade collages shipped outside the US.


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